Rosalind Wilcox

Rosalind Wilcox


Chair/Art Instructor
Barron-Miller Center

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Chair/Art Instructor, Arts Department
Barron-Miller Center 

Rosalind Wilcox, chair of CCC’s Fine Arts Department, believes tenacity, self-discipline and integrity are three of the primary ideologies that assist students at Coahoma Community College in achieving their goals.

“No matter how difficult the road is, never give up on dreams—tenacity. Work hard, burn the midnight oil. For without sacrifice, self-discipline, nothing is truly gained,” she said.

Wilcox joined CCC’s staff in August 2007. She received a bachelor’s degree in Art Education from St. Ambrose University, a master’s degree in Art Therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a master’s degree in Fine Art, Painting, and Drawing/Illustration with additional focuses in Ceramics and Sculpture from the University of Mississippi. She also received K-12 and Gifted Education Certification credentials from Mississippi College. Wilcox is a certified art therapist and holds art education certifications in both Mississippi and Iowa.

As an art instructor, Wilcox stresses originality within the creative process. “It is an instructor’s job to teach students to tap into their experiences to find inner-images which are original by nature of the unique self—integrity,” she said.

Wilcox loves music and is a singer, songwriter, percussionist and guitarist. She is also a “visual artist” with interests in sculpting, painting, ceramics, jewelry making, photography, fiber arts and clothing design.

She holds a unique philosophy about life. “When I was a child I was told ‘curiosity killed the cat’, then as I grew I learned the second part ‘satisfaction brought him back.’ This old antidote had a humorous tone, yet the underlying message in clear,” Wilcox said. “As a visual arts instructor it is my job to inspire and encourage exploration through media and introspection. I encourage the students to keep a dream journal and utilize their unique daily and family experiences as an impetus for creating new work.”