About iREAD

What does iREAD stand for?
Inspiring Reading Exploration Across the Delta

What is IREAD?
iREAD is the title of Coahoma Community College's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

What will iREAD do?
iREAD is designed to enhance students' reading comprehension skills through tree initiatives of the plan:

  • Train faculty on reading comprehension strategies (Reading Apprenticeship)
  • Implement reading strategies in classrooms across the curriculum
  • Encourage a campus-wide culture of reading 

What are the student learning outcomes of iREAD?

  • Students will engage in more reading, for recreation as well as for subject-area learning and self challenge
  • Students will recognize their own reading processes.
  • Students will develop a range of problem-solving strategies for overcoming obstacles in reading.
  • Students will demonstrate an increased comprehension of texts from various academic disciplines

What else will iREAD include?

  • Extracuriccular reading clubs
  • Reading Contests
  • Popular reading materials placed around camps

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