Public Relations

The purpose of the Public Relations Department is to implement an institutional marketing strategy that presents a positive image for Coahoma Community College on campus, in the community, district, and state of Mississippi that ultimately will develop increased enrollment and more funding opportunities.

The major objectives of the Public Relations Department are to:

    a)  Enhance the image of the institution by publishing positive aspects of students, programs, activities, and personnel;

    b)  Represent the institution as a liaison working with communities and agencies to enhance college personnel presence in the community and with community partnership programs;

    c)  Support economic growth and development in the community by working with agencies, businesses, and government entities as a liaison for publicity, planning special projects, courses and training; and

    d)  Conduct comparative studies, focus groups to determine attitudes of students, community and personnel and to determine future needs that should be developed.

Director­—Matthew Killebrew, (662) 621-4157

Funding source: Coahoma Community College
Funding period: July 1, 2013 June 30, 2014