Electronic Resources Use Guidelines


Electronic Resources Use Guidelines

To provide access to subscription databases and electronic journals, Dickerson-Johnson Library is required to sign licenses agreeing to certain terms and conditions regarding the use of the information or data.The guidelines below provide a general outline of acceptable and non-acceptable uses of our electronic resources. Many publishers are aware of the technological potential for violating license restrictions and may monitor the use of their products to ensure that the terms of the agreement are being followed. If these restrictions are violated the provider may terminate access to the database or journal to the entire Coahoma Community College (CCC) campus.

Authorized users are:

• Currently enrolled full or part-time CCC students
• CCC faculty (full or part-time)
• CCC staff (full or part-time)
• Walk-in library users, while in the building

Off campus/remote use is:

• Available for most Web-based electronic resources
• Limited to current CCC students, faculty and staff 
• Available to authorized users with user names and passwords provided by CCC

Acceptable uses:

• Print one copy of an article for personal use (scholarly, educational, or non-commercial research)
• Download one copy of an article for personal use (scholarly, educational, or non-commercial research)
• Send one copy of an article to an authorized user
• Fulfill interlibrary loan requests as permitted under negotiated contracts

Prohibited uses:

• Systematic copying or downloading (i.e., downloading/printing/copying all the articles in a journal issue)
• Removal or alteration of the copyright notice on any licensed materials
• Sending a copy of licensed material to an unauthorized user either in print or in electronic format (this includes sending licensed material to a listserv or mass e-mail)
• Making licensed material available through an unsecured Internet server
• Adapting, abridging or altering the licensed materials
• Selling, distributing or otherwise commercially profiting from use of licensed material

All use of licensed materials is subject to copyright law (title 17, U.S. Code). Any questions regarding specific licenses should be directed to the Director of Library Services.

Consequences of Unacceptable Behaviour

The College considers any breach of the Electronic Resources Use Guidelines to be a serious matter.  Violations may result in loss of access privileges and/or possible disciplinary action.