Storm ‘No Problem’ with DBM Reception Honoring Dr. Presley

2013-04-19 | Press Release from Coahoma Community College Public Relations, 4/19/2013 – Panny Mayfield, director; – 662-621-4157Bookmark and Share

Dr. Presley addresses the crowd at Thursday’s retirement celebration at the Delta Blues Museum.

CLARKSDALE – With torrential rains drumming staccato rhythms atop the Delta Blues Museum roof Thursday, an upbeat attitude prevailed below with community leaders praising Dr. Vivian Presley and her 38 years of leadership at Coahoma Community College.

“No one but Vivian Presley could draw this crowd in such a storm,” commented one of the presenters taking turns reading official resolutions honoring CCC’s fourth president for her many accomplishments.

With guests milling around the museum’s handsome new Muddy Waters addition and eyeing a splendid spread of appetizers created by CCC Chef Brennon Warr and his culinary students, plus a Sally Chow cake, retired Friars Point principal James Shelby was focused on the vintage 1941 Ford automobile displayed inside the room.

When he was growing up, he said his family had a black one just like it.

“We’d pile as many of 10 of us in it and drive to Clarksdale for a double feature at the New Roxy,” he told Ed Peacock and others.

Tickets for the picture show, he said, were 50 cents and a large popcorn was a dime.

When the museum program began, CCC vice president Rosemary Lamb, who organized the retirement events committee, recited Dr. Presley’s numerous honors.

DBM director Shelley Ritter, focused on Presley’s energy, interests and enthusiastic collaboration on joint community projects with the museum and others.

Another presenter asked, “Have you ever seen her when she wasn’t smiling?”

City attorney Curtis Boschert presented an official resolution from the City of Clarksdale, and three members of the Coahoma County Board of Supervisors evoked much more than a smile when they unveiled their gift of a shining red guitar autographed by the board.

“Now, I can begin a new career,” quipped Presley.

Thanking the audience, CCC’s president quickly redefined and expanded the personal high praise and accolades as “accomplishments we did together.”