Coahoma CC Prepping for Leadership Summit with New Administration

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Dr. Towner

In his first Leadership Summit as Coahoma Community College President, Dr. Valmadge Towner will lead two-days of educational training with his administrative staff. The Workforce Development workshop will focus on academic & and instructional innovation, strategic recruiting and effective public relations. The group will also examine the outlook of Mississippi Higher Education. The summit will be held on the second floor of the Vivian M. Presley Administration Aug. 26-27.

“I am excited about focusing and planning for the future, learning from and listening to our students and I am equally ecstatic about engaging our faculty and stakeholders as we strategize for the challenges that we face,” said Towner.

Towner said he believes transparency is paramount in achieving Credibility, Authority and Trust (C.A.T.) and anticipates a shift in momentum among faculty and staff moving forward. The C.A.T. acronym was coined by Towner as a benchmark aimed at improving and establishing Coahoma Community College as the academic leader in Coahoma County.

“They should expect emphasis on improving the day-to-day life of students for our institutions, a renewed sense of urgency in attending to issues from maintenance to student (and) parent care, as well as, a new level of operational transparency that ranges from board meetings to team meetings,” said Towner.