Students Check out Possible New Dorm Furnishings

2013-09-03 | 2013-09-03 | Press Release from Coahoma Community College Public Relations, 9/3/13 - Matthew E. Killebrew, Director; (662) 621-4157 -
Photos by Darby Lamb, Assistant Director of Web Services, Coahoma Community College - (662) 621-4044 -
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Students in Rosalind Wilcox’s Design I class got a preview of the options to furnish the new McKinley C. Martin, Sr., Residence Hall that is scheduled to be completed in spring 2014. Pictured from left to right are Jerone Shaw, Rosalind Wilcox, Jeremiah Brown, Alexis Malone, Landan Jones and Ariel Artis.

Students in Rosalind Wilcox’s Design I class got a sneak peak at the new furniture possibilities that could adorn Coahoma Community College’s new $3.9 million female dormitory. The students in Wilcox’s class echoed the sentiments of just about everyone who has seen the furniture choices, according to Maintenance Supervisor Jerone Shaw, with the majority opting for a more modern stainless black steel design with laminate wood accents.

“It just looks a lot more up to date, and more modern,” said sophomore Landan Jones.

The preference is over the other choice which consisted of an all-wood design that the students noticed was not as rigid. The overall sturdiness of the stainless steel option seemed to be more durable, and the ease of upkeep without completely replacing the furniture was also appealing.

“If you have a piece break, then you can simply remove the broken piece and replace it,” explained Shaw to the class. He added that natural wear and tear on the furniture was covered under a 5-year warranty as well.

The bunk bed options were both adjustable and stackable, and the desk chairs come with a “tilting” feature that allows for adjusted seating whether working at the desk on a computer, or sitting at the desk reading.

Now named the McKinley C. Martin, Sr., Residence Hall, after CCC’s third president Dr. McKinley C. Martin who served in that role from 1980-1992, the female dormitory is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2014. The rooms will have suites like those currently found on campus, but will add a major upgrade. Each room will have a separate bathroom facility unlike the community facilities currently in the other dormitories. It will also feature, like other dorms on campus, a director’s apartment that is occupied by an employee of the college who is charged with monitoring student activity.

The new facility will make room for another 56 students to bed down on campus in the two-story facility that is located on the former site of Gambrell Hall that was constructed in 1978. It was first scheduled to be renovated in the same fashion as Friends Hall in 2009 ($1.3 million) but after hearing from two structural engineering firms, the CCC Board of Trustees decided to replace the building altogether.

Currently, the campus is outfitted to house just fewer than 300 students in its three residence halls. McLaurin Hall houses 52 female residents, Friends Hall houses 120 male students, and Moore’s Hall houses 120 students with female students living on the second floor and male students living on the first. The construction and design of Moore’s Hall allows the co-ed environment while still keeping the male and female students separate.