Towner Officially Inaugurated as CCC’s Fifth President

2013-10-16 | Press Release from Coahoma Community College Public Relations - Matthew E. Killebrew, Director; (662) 621-4157 -
Photos from Coahoma Community College Web Services - G. Darby Lamb, Assistant Director; (662) 621-4044
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Dr. Towner is smiling big during the procession,
after being inaugurated as CCC’s fifth president.

In front of delegates from colleges and universities from across Mississippi, state senators, local and regional supervisors, Coahoma Community College’s faculty, staff and administration, and his family; Dr. Valmadge T. Towner was inaugurated last week as the fifth president of Coahoma Community College and the ninth Superintendent of Coahoma Agricultural High School.

A lengthy list of well wishers took the podium in front of a packed audience at CCC’s Pinnacle to share words with the crowd about Towner and to extend the hands of good faith and acceptance on behalf of the institutions, cities and counties that they represented.

The service also produced some heartfelt moments as well. The Rev. Ezra Towner, Jr. provided the ceremony’s invocation and took the opportunity to give the glory for the day’s festivities in honor of his son to a higher authority.

“I am almost overwhelmed at what God has done,” said the new president’s father, “I humbly thank you for this day.”

Towner’s aunt, Elizabeth Towner Jones, described her nephew as being, “endowed with a humble and compassionate spirit.”

CCC’s fourth president, Dr. Vivian Presley, officially presented Towner to those in attendance and praised him as the next leader of Coahoma Community College.

“(Dr. Towner brings an incredible energy and enthusiasm, charisma and passion and he has a vision to make Coahoma a utopia of student learning.”

As Towner took the podium to address the crowd, he took the time to thank his parents at the beginning of his speech.

“I would not be where I am today without your guidance, in our home we did not say I love you that often, but mom and dad, ‘I love you,’” said Towner, who also spoke about his new position as a homecoming. “I found that I was excited again, excited about returning to Coahoma. I remember how I felt when I placed the application in the mail. It just felt right and I am honored and thrilled to be Coahoma Community College’s fifth president. This is just such a good place.”

Towner then recalled the words of Stephen Paulus, who wrote, “There is no such beauty as where you belong.”

Towner then took a moment to share his thoughts about his students and the interactions he has had with them since being on campus and asked the community for its support as Coahoma entered another chapter in the institution’s rich history.

“There are a lot of good young people here, all of the ingredients are here for us to be successful and I rejoice and am grateful to see this,” said Towner. “I want Coahoma to continue to grow by us all getting together to figure out how to solve the problems that we face. Whether they are budgetary, or staffing or whatever they may be, we can solve them all together. I am hear now, asking you, “What are you going to do for Coahoma?’”

Following the ceremony, those in attendance were treated to an outdoor party outside the Pinnacle featuring food, music and fellowship.

Towner officially took over as CCC’s president on July 1.