Pinnacle Gets New Safety & Aesthetic Upgrades

2013-10-23 | Press Release from Coahoma Community College Public Relations - Matthew E. Killebrew, Director; (662) 621-4157 - mkillebrew@coahomacc.eduBookmark and Share

Coahoma Community College’s Pinnacle, the home of the Tigers and Lady Tigers basketball teams, underwent some recent renovations that also led to some upgrades to the event center’s life safety systems that will provide an even better, and safer experience for basketball fans or those visiting for one of CCC’s many community events.

A 73-ton air-cooled chiller was installed to maximize comfort. Chillers are used in a variety of air-conditioning and process-cooling applications whereby chilled liquid is transported by pumps and pipes throughout the building. The pipes are connected to nearly every room inside the Pinnacle allowing for multiple climate-controlled zones.

The renovations also included four new air handler units (AHUs) that are used as part of the existing HVAC system to condition and circulate air. The four new units will service the floor area of the Pinnacle and are equipped with duct detectors that can sense the presence of smoke and will automatically shutdown in case of an emergency such as a fire. In addition to the new HVUs, the existing ones throughout the building were also retrofitted with this capability.

The entire life safety system itself got a new control panel, or brain, that is located in the Pinnacle’s lobby that can control the entire system that includes the fire alarms and audible warning systems.

A new feature to the control panel is a microphone connected to the building’s sound system that will allow a voice to be broadcast throughout the venue from the lobby. In an emergency situation, instructions on how to proceed can be relayed by emergency personnel to everyone inside. CCC’s maintenance department and police personnel were all trained in the use of the newest control panel features.

Every room outside of the gymnasium area was also fitted with both audible and visual alarms in the form of sirens and strobe lights.

“The building was constructed around 1992, and while a lot of things were up to code back then, we wanted to take the opportunity to upgrade these life safety features,” said Director of Maintenance Jerone Shaw. “We can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of our guests, and we are far better off now than we were before these upgrades.”

An inverter system was also part of the renovations that is designed to route power to all of the life safety features and keep them operable in the case of a power failure.

Aesthetically, the Pinnacle’s gym floor received a facelift over the weekend and maintenance crews began Friday and worked throughout the weekend and first part of the week to strip, seal and apply two coats of fresh polyurethane to the surface. The floor was reopened for use by the basketball teams on Wednesday.