Aggie Athletes Reach Out to Teach Children

2014-01-17 | by Josh Troy, Clarksdale Press RegisterBookmark and Share

Coahoma Agricultural High School basketball player helps a Tots For Time preschooler with his jump shot.

In celebration of Martin Luther King Day of Service, and in an effort to teach children how to give back to their community, Coahoma Agricultural High School athletes worked with Tots For Time preschoolers on football, basketball and cheerleading drills in the Marion Reid Gymnasium Thursday morning.

Preschoolers, between 3 and 5-years-old interacted with Aggie athletes while learning about teamwork and working together. Aggie Principal Sonya Debose-Taylor believes athletics is an great way for the school to reach out to children and try and help teach these character-building ideals.

“I think one of the most important things is that right now we’re all about building teamwork at Aggie,” Debose-Taylor said. “We’re all about being on the same page and we’re all about reaching out and in athletics, one of the premises of doing well is knowing how to be a team player. Most of our children, they participate in some type of sport or activity. Everybody has taken physical education. This is the perfect way to teach character education.”

Debose-Taylor hopes working with preschoolers will teach the high school athletes how to be leaders, get them excited about coming to school and that they will take that energy into the classroom. She also felt the activities Thursday honored King’s life because much of his work was about community service and motivating others.

“We’re about service learning,” Debose-Taylor said. “We’re about reaching out. We want them to actually reach down to the grass root level and make a difference with children. This (event) is perfect right here. We wanted them to connect with young people. A lot of what we’re talking about as far as character education, they’re seeing this first-hand working with the little children.”

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