CCC Gives Local High School Students a Lesson on “Culture and Creativity”

2014-03-06 | Press Release from Coahoma Community College Public Relations - Brittany Davis; (662) 621-4061 - bdavis@coahomacc.eduBookmark and Share

Local high school students look on as Rosalind Wilcox paints.

CLARKSDALE – Local high school students received a crash course on art, music and food during a visit to Coahoma Community College Wednesday morning.

The high school sophomores and juniors are members of Youth Leadership Clarksdale (YLC), a program organized by the Clarksdale Chamber of Commerce. YLC is designed to help develop leadership skills and instill community pride in students from local high schools, including: Lee Academy, Coahoma Agricultural High School, Clarksdale High School and Coahoma County High School. This month, the students learned about “Culture and Creativity” during the program, which was coordinated by CCC’s Board of Trustees member Johnny McGlown.

“They’re learning about the arts here in Coahoma County. …They’re being exposed to different venues, art and culture—things that they don’t normally get in the classroom,” said YLC Director Tana Vassel.

After arriving on CCC’s campus, the students first paid Rosalind Wilcox, chairperson and instructor in CCC’s Fine Arts Department, a visit. Wilcox gave students a quick lesson on art and painting during an interactive painting workshop.

“It’s important to follow you passion,” Wilcox told the students. “There are a lot of different types of art. If you really love art, think about graphic design, fashion design, and architecture…”

Wilcox, who is legally blind, also encouraged students to take advantage of their abilities.

“Some people say ‘You’re legally blind, but you sure see a lot’ and I do because whatever I have left, I’m using it,” she said. “You guys have better vision than me and sometimes you’re not using it. I want to encourage you to use your vision, your ears, your heart, use your head, use it all—Don’t throw it away. “

Next students headed to the music department where they were greeted by Kelvin Towers, chairperson and director of CCC’s choir. Towers then gave students information about the different music programs offered at CCC and played selections from the CCC and Agricultural High School’s recent Winter Concert.

“We go up against choirs who have 100 plus members, but yet with our 40 plus, we actually represent our hometown very well,” said Towers.

He then unleashed the student’s inner music abilities during an impromptu voice lesson.

Lastly, students had a chance to put on their chef hats during a cooking lesson from CCC’s Culinary Arts Instructor Chef Brennon Warr. Warr told students about the importance of reading thoroughly when following a recipe. He then gave them the chance to put their skills to the test by allowing the students to mix up their own batch of Italian dressing rub.

During the program, the students also visited the Clarksdale Soundstage Recording Studio, the Delta Blues Museum/Blues Jam, the Riverside Hotel and the Rock & Roll & Blues Heritage Museum.

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