Students Given Unique Opportunity to Attend Bar Association Meeting

2012-10-04 | Kyrie Antici; Coahoma Community College, Workforce Development Center; 662-621-4303; Fax 662-627-9171;; www.coahomacc.eduBookmark and Share

Members of Coahoma Community College Workforce Development Center’s legal assistant class are (front) Marilyn Starks, Cheryl Barnes (back) Cleveland McBride, JoAnn Henderson, Jalisa Lang, Attorney Wilbert Johnson, and Sylvia Fiser

Clarksdale, MS October 2, 2012— Students from Coahoma Community College Workforce Development Center’s new legal assistant class were given the opportunity to hear firsthand what attorneys are looking for when hiring legal assistants for their firms. The class was invited to attend the Coahoma County Bar Association meeting on September 5th at the courthouse. Brennan Chapman, President of the Coahoma County Bar Association previously sat in on one of the classes at the Workforce Development Center and thought it would be a great opportunity for both the students, as well as the members of the bar association. “Law Office Management-Working Together as a Team" was the title of the meeting, giving opportunity for students to ask questions and for attorneys to give insight of legal assistant roles and responsibilities.

“The students that attended the meeting were given an opportunity to meet representatives from nearly every local law firm in Coahoma County and were given suggestions to help them in distinguishing themselves from other applicants in the same field.” Chapman stated. “Likewise, our local attorneys were given an opportunity to meet students that are receiving specialized training right here in Clarksdale. The result for these students is that it ultimately increases their odds of being hired and they have a significant advantage in understanding what local law firms are looking for in legal assistants.”

The legal assistant class, instructed by Attorney Wilbert Johnson, covers everything from the duties of legal assistants, the different types of law offices, to legal/business correspondence and documents. Meeting twice a week at the Workforce Development Center, the purpose of the class is to give participants an overview of the various legal professions, as well as train them in various skills necessary for the job.
Student Cleveland McBride explained, “I am taking this class to increase my familiarity with the field of law from an entry level perspective. I hope to get the added knowledge of how court proceedings move cases from start to finish.” From contacts made at the Bar Association meeting, Mr. McBride was recently employed by the Chancery Clerk’s office.

Chapman encouraged the continued partnership between the legal assistant class and the Coahoma County Bar Association in hopes that the class will be offered again through the Workforce Development Center. “Not only will the legal assistant class at the Workforce Development Center provide an avenue for local attorneys to locate qualified legal assistants but we feel like it will also help to open doors for students in a struggling economy.”