CCC to Roll Out New Employee Feedback System this Fall

2014-06-05 | Press Release from Coahoma Community College Public Relations - Brittany Davis, Assistant Director; (662) 621-4061 - bdavis@coahomacc.eduBookmark and Share

CLARKSDALE - Next fall, Coahoma Community College will introduce the 360 Peer-to-Peer Feedback System, designed to provide each employee with an accurate picture of his or her performance from all angles.

As its name suggests, the new system will give every CCC employee the opportunity to play an active role in giving anonymous feedback on the performance of their peers and supervisors with online-based assessments.

The system was developed by CCC’s Director of Research and Assessment, Margaret Dixon; Academic Counselor, Yolanda Morton; and Special Population Personnel, Sheila Sanders as a project during their participation in the Mississippi Community College Leadership Academy (MCCLA).

All CCC faculty and staff members will be formally introduced to the new system during fall orientation, with the first assessments to be administered in November followed by spring assessments in April 2015.

President Dr. Valmadge Towner said, the new system will provide more comprehensive information than the conventional “top-down” evaluation model and will be beneficial to improving productivity and identifying strengths and weaknesses.

“In an effort to build upon past successes as well as make significant strides in the future, we must know how we are fairing in the present. To that end, this new evaluative/feedback model allows each of us to provide one another feedback in a comprehensive and constructive manner,” said Towner.

“Irrespective as to a person's role with the college, he/she will have an opportunity to give their thoughts as it relates to the performance of their colleagues. I am hopeful that such an approach will empower each of us to become more efficient in our perspective roles as we strive to serve and meet the needs of our students.”

During MCCLA, Dixon, Morton and Sanders were assigned the task of developing an action plan that would make a significant difference on the campus of Coahoma Community College.

The group consulted with Towner who presented them with a list of several suggested projects and narrowed it down to Towner’s suggestion of creating a peer-based feedback system.

After extensive research, the team developed eight core competencies and skills as focus area within the assessments. They include: communication, leadership, adaptability, relationships, task management, production, development of others, and, self-development. They then developed an assessment that addressed each core competency.

“The 360 system is a significant transition from the top-down evaluation system traditionally in place at CCC where the supervisors evaluated subordinates,” said Morton. “It allows employees to give feedback on their supervisors, peers as well as themselves.”

At the conclusion of the MCCLA in February, the group successfully completed the project and presented it to their fellow MCCLA members.

“It became a huge topic of discussion at MCCLA, and everyone seemed to really like the idea,” said Sanders.

A pilot of the new system was performed with CCC’s Division of Health Sciences during the spring 2014 semester and was received well.

“The pilot process was successful,” said Dixon. “Dr. (Martha) Catlette and others were excited about it and thought this new system would give everyone a voice in the division and improve performance on all levels. Now we’re looking forward to introducing the full 360 feedback system to the remainder of the campus this fall.”

During the evaluation periods that will be held during both the fall and spring semesters, employees will receive an email that contains a link to assessments they’ll be performing. The assessment includes: a peer evaluation where an administrator evaluates another administrator, a faculty member evaluates another faculty member and a staff member evaluates a fellow staff member. In addition, the President will use the system to evaluate board members, who will do likewise. Then each employee will perform evaluations on their supervisor and finally, a self-evaluation.

Each performance assessment will be rated on a scale of 5.0 to 1.0, with 5.0 indicating “outstanding” and 1.9 and below indicating “not demonstrated”.

The new system is capable of generating several reports, including overall department reports, supervisor reports and peer reports. Those employees who fall below 2.0 in a particular component area will have to create an individual improvement plan and those who have an overall score of 2.0 or less will have submit a performance improvement plan

Reports will be submitted to the CCC’s Human Resources Department who will have access to the anonymous information and will be responsible for placing them in each individual’s personnel file.

Once fully implemented, an additional component will added to include external evaluations from businesses, industries and other constituents within the community.