CCC Career Tech Host Dean – President Appreciation Program

2012-11-05 | Bookmark and Share

Program honorees and trustee members: (left to right) Anne Shelton-Clark, Johnny McGlown, Willie French, Dr. McKinley Martin, Samuel Blackburn, Dr. Martha Heffner, Jessie M. James, and Dr. Andrew Hawkins. (Cynthia Mitchell; not-pictured)

The Coahoma Community College Career and Technical Division hosted a program in which current Vice – President Clark and former Career Technical Deans were recognized via an appreciation program. Additionally, President Dr. Vivian Presley and former President Dr. McKinley Martin were recognized for their accomplishments and work on behalf of Coahoma Community College and Coahoma Agricultural High School.

Career Technical counselor Charles Butler presided at the program, which included the return to campus by deans: Samuel Blackburn, Willie French, Jessie M. James and Dr. Martha Heffner. Former President McKinley Martin was in attendance as well.

Cosmetology student Kayla Wigley offered invocation, followed by Mayor Henry Espy reading a Proclamation; proclaiming the month of October as Career Technical Educational Leadership Appreciation Month. Ezra Howard rendered a beautiful musical selection. After Howard’s musical selection and lunch being served by the Culinary Arts class, the occasion was given by Butler, later a poem was read by cosmetology student Victoria Battee.

Vice – President Clark introduced career – technical administrators, faculty and staff, before acknowledging honorees and presenting them with plaques. “No act or gesture of appreciation, nor any spoken words, will ever be able to adequately expresses the depth of our gratitude for your commitment, dedication and support to Coahoma Community College and particularly Coahoma Community College’s Career – Technical Division, “ expressed Vice- President Clark ”. Vice-President Dr. Rosetta Howard shared with the honorees, her perspective regarding the significance and value of their contributions and service. Dr. Howard continued by sharing her connection to the career – technical area, via her career starting at Coahoma, with former career – technical dean Willie French serving on the interview team. Several CCC Board of Trustee members made warm and kind comments pertinent to the honorees.

The honorees expressed comments of gratitude, after-which the program was adjourned.