Empowerment Counselor Connects with CCC Coeds

2012-11-26 | Press Release from Coahoma Community College Public Relations – 11/16/2012 – Panny Mayfield, director; pmayfield@coahomacc.edu – 662-621-4157Bookmark and Share

Motivational speaker Diana Watley of Atlanta connects with CCC coeds at a recent counseling workshop.

CLARKSDALE – More than 60 Coahoma Community College coeds are riveted on a sharp-dressed lady spelling out cutting-edge advice on relationships, sisterhood, and the importance of becoming women with standards rather than “a notch on a guy’s belt.”

Invited by Renee’ L. Sanford, director of counseling services with CCC’s division of student affairs and support services, Diana Watley, an Atlanta motivational speaker, focuses on empowering women to fulfill their purposes.

“I am a woman enhancer; I am not a man basher,” says the founder of “Under New Management.”

“Don’t anyone design your destiny with their actions,” she said.

Warning students about making poor choices of a mate and circle of friends, Watley says, “it’s sad, but temporary loneliness is better than partial happiness.”

“What we do as women is try to fill a void with one bad relationship after another… you must take time to deal with stuff inside you,” she said.

“Don’t let life pass you by; don’t waste your time on the same plan you had four years ago,” she said.

“Some girls come from unsupportive families and don’t even know their father, but learn how to build a bridge and get on it,” she continued. “If you are the smartest person in your circle, you need to get a new one.”

According to Watley, women can be powerful and respected even if victims of abuse. “God put you here to live; you cannot wallow in this; write that letter and leave it; don’t let dreams die because someone hurt you,” she said.

“You have to get rid of dysfunction; it will kill you,” she said. “A good man wants to see you elevated.”