CCC offers unmatched LPN to RN pathway with ADN program
CLARKSDALE – If you are ready to expand your role within the profession of nursing by becoming an RN, Coahoma Community College offers an unparalleled opportunity to do so.

CCC offers unmatched LPN to RN pathway with ADN program

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Tue Mar 17, 2015

Pictured, from left, are CCC Health Sciences Student Navigator Aneka Moore; ADN Program Director Lorean Willingham; ADN Instructor Charles Smith; ADN Instructor Deborah Wilson; and ADN Instructor Jacquelyn Brownlow. 

CLARKSDALE – If you are ready to expand your role within the profession of nursing by becoming an RN, Coahoma Community College offers an unparalleled opportunity to do so.

The program, which is accepting applications through April 7, is designed to give qualified Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) the opportunity to become registered nurses (RNs) in just one year.

Plus, when considering affordability, quality of instruction and the pass rate of the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN®)—the exam students must pass to be licensed as a registered nurse— CCC Associate Degree Nursing (ADN program) director Lorean Willingham believes CCC ranks at the top.

 “Our goal is to put out quality versus quantity,” said Willingham. “If we graduate 10 or 15 RNs, they’re going to be 10 or 15 good RNs who are ready to go to the workforce and uphold the ethics and professionalism of nursing.”

CCC first introduced its RN program in 2005, with the first class graduating in 2007. After getting through a few hurdles, the program has shown significant success, obtaining a pass rate above 90 percent on the NCLEX-RN® over the past two years and a 100 percent job placement for its graduates.

Willingham, who joined CCC’s staff in 2006, has witnessed the program grow stronger each year and believes it is because of the hard work and dedication of the faculty. She attributes the program’s success to the student-friendly atmosphere, remediation and one-on-one student advisement.

“We have a very student-friendly atmosphere and because of the small classes that we have, it tends to be more individualized,” she said. “We really do focus on trying to enhance the student’s success in the program.”

Another big part of that success has been because of the qualified faculty the program offers.

“Our faculty members are very clinical-based. They’re not just teaching it from the book, they’ve actually lived it,” Willingham said.

Because students are already LPNs, Willingham said they usually come in with some knowledge about the logistics of the profession such as scheduling.

 “We prepare students, particularly in their final semesters, to think on their feet,” she said. ‘“It’s the management part that we really focus on because for the most part, once they graduate, they’re going to be in charge over nursing units,” she said.

With the solid reputation of the program already in tact, Willingham said the number one goal now is to graduate every student accepted. Several resources have been put in place to help the program reach that goal of retention, including remediation and one-on-one advisement. Also, a student navigator is available to help students with any problems they may encounter during the program. 

“We have a lot of resources that we offer to ensure their successful matriculation and passing the NCLEX-RN®. With the resources, and faculty offering remediation and advisement, there’s really no reason to not succeed. “

The competitive program usually accepts about 30 individuals each year. In addition to the LPN pre-requisite, the program also requires applicants to complete 30 hours of general education credits.

For those interested in becoming an RN, but don’t meet the LPN pre-requisite, Willingham encourages them to first enroll in CCC’s 12-month LPN program. She said those students can become RNs in the same amount time as other programs that don’t require the LPN pre-requisite.

While the College targets students in its five-county district, individuals from other areas are welcomed to apply as well.

“We’ve had students from as far as Southaven, Senatobia, even a couple of students from the Memphis area,” said Willingham.

Although the program has generally attracted more females in the past, that shouldn’t’ be a discouragement for males interested in pursuing the profession.

“It is a predominately female profession and it’s been that way for decades, but we do seek out diversity,” she said. “We have had at least several males to successfully complete the program and we have two in our current class.”

After graduates receive their license, graduates can enter the workforce directly or pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or higher.

“We have a significant number of our students to move forward to pursue their BSN,” Willingham said. “We’re always proactive and encouraging them to continue their education to the highest level.”

For questions or more information, contact CCC’s Nursing Department at (662) 621-4210 or e-mail Willingham at

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