Fielder returns to his roots during CCC book signing
CLARKSDALE – It was on the campus of Coahoma Community College that a young Tim Fielder first discovered a love for the arts.


Fielder returns to his roots during CCC book signing

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Fri Mar 4, 2016

CLARKSDALE – It was on the campus of Coahoma Community College that a young Tim Fielder first discovered a love for the arts.

His parents, both long-time employees of the college, would bring he and his four brothers to CCC’s campus regularly as kids. Later, as a student at Coahoma Agricultural High School, Fielder began to cultivate a talent that would eventually make him one of the nation’s top illustrators, concept designers, cartoonists, and animators.

“When my brothers and I would draw comics on this campus, people would look at us like we were crazy,” recalled the Clarksdale native. “It just wasn’t the norm culturally at that time.”

C:\fakepath\Fielder2.jpgThe 49-year-old returned to CCC’s campus Thursday, March 3, for a meet-and-greet book signing hosted on the first floor of the Zee A. Barron Student Union. He also used the opportunity to speak with community members and apiring artists about entrepreneurship and branding.

A self-proclaimed “nerd” Fielder said he was never the brightest student, but he did have one thing—passion. It was that passion that provided him the opportunity to work with clients such as Marvel Comics, The Village Voice, Tri-Star Pictures and Ubisoft Entertainment. 

The New York University professor also has an impressive resume in academia that includes teaching stints at Harvard University and the New York Film Institute.

“There are many people who work, but they don’t enjoy what they do. Fortunately I’m one of those who absolutely love what I do,” he said. “You have to prepared to put in the work. …Always be sure to make time to work towards your passion.”

In fact, Fielder said that his early years in Coahoma County are what inspired his latest book, “Matty’s Rocket”.

Based on an “alternative past”, Matty’s Rocket is a “diesel funk” comic set in the 1930’s.

According to Fielder, the main character, Matty, is based on a combination of Bessie Coleman, the first African American female pilot, and African-American abolitionist Harriet Tubman.

“I grew up across the street, literally, from the cotton-field. I have many, many memories from childhood. …All of the things I grew up doing as a kid, I put that in my book. It was a lot of fun putting it together,” he said. 

Residing in New York since 1987, Fielder said he’s learned a thing or two about the industry.

“You can be successful, but you have to know what your strengths are and capitalize on them,” he said.

He encouraged aspiring artists to promote themselves and produce consistently.

“I like to have these type of conversations with young people because I didn’t have that,” he said. “I always tell young people to develop their own style—it’s what makes them different."

Fielder concluded the event drawing a cartoon of an audience member, step-by-step, to give audience members a glimpse of the process.

He expressed plans to visit the Clarksdale area again this summer, and the possibility of teaming up with CCC’s Art Department to work on a “cool” project.

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