eLearning Contact Information

Contact Information


To register for online classes contact:
Joseph McKee 
Educational Outreach Office

Phone: (662) 621-4156
Email: jmckee@coahomacc.edu

To purchase textbooks for Hosted Online Classes contact:
Michael Houston
Director of Accounting and Human Resources
Phone: (662) 621-4853
Email: mhouston@coahomacc.edu 

For proctored exams contact:

Linda Robinson
GED/Online Testing Services Coordinator
Phone: (662) 621-4209
Email: proctor@coahomacc.edu 

For Academic Support contact:

Academic Counselor 
Phone: (662) 621-4850
Email: ymorton@coahomacc.edu 

LaShundra Harris
Academic Counselor 
Phone: (662) 621-4837
Email: laharris@coahomacc.edu 

For Career-Tech counseling contact:

Tolernesia Butler
Career-Technical Counselor
Phone: (662) 621-4188 
Email: tbutler@coahomacc.edu 

For Financial Aid contact:
Luke Howard
Director of Financial Aid
Phone: (662) 621-4168
Email: lhoward@coahomacc.edu 

For Admissions contact:
Michael Houston
Director of Admissions/Records
Phone: (662) 621-4205
Email: mhouston@coahomacc.edu