QEP Timeline

SACS Reaffirmation Plan & Timeline for QEP

QEP Director Glynda Duncan met with Margaret Dixon and Cynthia Roberson, CCC Director and Co-Director for Coahoma Community College’s Institutional Effectiveness, on August 24, 2017, and established the following timeline for approval of College President Dr. Valmadge Towner.




Appoint QEP Director


August 2017

Train QEP Director for Leadership Roles

SACS Liaison

SACS Leadership

Institute Annual

Meeting Dec. 2017

Appoint QEP Team


August 2017

Appoint QEP Team and committees

QEP Director

Institutional Effectiveness

August 2017

Establish QEP Team and Committee meeting dates and Planning Schedule

QEP Director

August 2017

Identify All of College’s Stakeholders and Gather Possible Topics for QEP

QEP Team

September-October 2017

Plan and Develop College’s QEP

QEP Team

Sept. 2017-July 2019

Appoint QEP Team and Committees and appoint duties and responsibilities

QEP Director and CoDirectory

August-October 2017

Conduct first surveys of All College

Stakeholders, College Personnel and

Student Body for topic ideas

QEP Team

October-Dec. 2017

Develop a SACS Compliance and QEP Planning Website


September 2017June 2018

Present First PowerPoint of QEP

Planning Timeline and Goals to

College’s Personnel  at PreConference

QEP Director, Co-Director and Team members

January 2018

Research other institutions’ QEP Planning Websites

QEP Team and Committee

January-February 2018

Provide Narrowed Topic List – Top 3 topics  -- to All College Stakeholders

QEP Team and Committee

March 2018

Research Top 3 topic ideas

QEP Team and Committee

March-July  2108

Present Topic to QEP Team and Leadership Team for Approval

QEP Director and CoDirector

August 2018

Flesh out different QEP components and Construct QEP First Draft

QEP Team and Committee

Sept. 2018-Jan. 2019

Submit QEP First Draft to Administration for Approval

QEP Director and CoDirector

February 2019

Revise QEP Draft

QEP Team and Committee

Feb.-May 2019

Submit Final QEP to President for Approval

QEP Direct, Co-Director, and SACS Liaison

June 2019

*Note: Coahoma Community College’s Reaffirmation On-Site Peer Review will be conducted August-September, 2019.  The Final QEP is due to the commission 4-6 weeks in advance of the On-Site Review.