Smoke-Free Campus

Smoke/Tobacco-Free Campus

Effective January 1, 2018

As part of our commitment to healthy lifestyles, respect, and well-being, our campus communities, a part of our mission to educate and prepare our students to be successful contributes to a holistic philosophy.

After a thoughtful decision-making process among members of the CCC community and based on well-documented evidence that the use of tobacco products, e-cigarettes and second hand smoke pose significant health risks, CCC prohibits smoking, the use of tobacco products and electronic smoking devices on all campus-owned grounds, including parking lots and residence halls.

YoloIn 2016 a Taskforce was formed help educate and increase the awareness of current and evolving menthol tobacco products and electronic smoking devices, as well as, to promote the reduction and effects of tobacco use and secondhand smoke amongst students, faculty and staff in all facilities and throughout all campuses.

A smoke-Free Policy was written by the taskforce and the policy was adopted January 1, 2018. We’re pleased to join the movement across the nation for college and university campuses to move toward being tobacco and Smoke-free, as supported by the Mississippi Board of Health.



Quitting tobacco products is a great choice for your health; however, it can also be very difficult. Visit our health center to talk with a registered nurse and discuss the best way to become tobacco free.

You can also check out some online resources and talk to your healthcare provider.

Tobacco education and cessation resources:


Enforcement: The responsibility for the enforcement and communication of this policy rests with all members of the College community and the College Police Department.

Visitors, contractors, and other individuals on campus who are in violation of the policy should be reminded of the policy and asked to comply with our smoke-free campus policy.

All faculty, staff, and students who are in violation of this policy should be reminded of the policy and asked to comply. Refusal to comply with this policy could result in citations and fines

Communication: Persons will be informed of this policy through:

  • Signs posted in appropriate areas throughout the College
  • Various College web sites including Human Resources, Alumni Affairs, Athletics, Health Center, Counseling Center, and others
  • Coahoma Community College Smoke-Free Campus web site
  • E-mail communication to all employees and students
  • Other College publications and communications.

Respect and Responsibility: The success of this policy depends on the thoughtfulness, consideration, and cooperation of smokers and non-smokers. All members of the College community share in the responsibility for adhering to and enforcing this policy. Any complaints should be brought to the attention of the appropriate College authorities and anyone who complains shall be protected against retaliation.