Mr. & Miss SkillsUSA
Joshua and Kierra

July 28, 2014 - August 04, 2014

He is a freshman from Clarksdale, majoring in Computer Service Technology. She is a freshman from Alligator, pursuing the same. Together, Joshua Stevens and Kierra Hogan represent one of Coahoma Community College’s most esteemed organizations as Mr. and Miss. Skills USA.

All students enrolled in a program under CCC’s Division of Career and Technical Education are members of the organization, whose goal is to create a partnership between students, teachers and industry to ensure that America has a skilled workforce.

The two enrolled at CCC for their own respective reasons.

Joshua said he knew Coahoma would be a good stepping-stone before entering a 4-year institution.

“I wanted to start off at smaller to college to get a feel for things before I went off to a university. I think that was the best decision for me,” he said.
For Kierra, CCC’s close proximity to home appealed to her because she wanted to remain close to her daughter. Describing herself as more open now, Kierra said she’s enjoying the new connections she’s making while attending CCC.

“I was more to myself when I first started, but CCC has allowed me to make new friends and meet different people,” she said.

She said she’s honored to have been selected as Miss SkillsUSA.
“Skills USA is a great organization, and I’m proud to represent it,” she said.
Joshua agreed.

“It feels great to be have been selected for Mr. Skills USA. It is a great achievement to represent the organization with Kierra, and to represent one of the many great things happening here at Coahoma,” he said.

Joshua plans to continue his education at Delta State or the University of Mississippi and major in Computer Information Systems. Hogan plans to attend Delta State University and major in Computer Design. The two are excited about finishing up their freshman year and said they’ve learned a lot over the past several months.

“College has a lot of work. You have to study hard and be prepared at all times because you may not know when an instructor will pop a test on you,” said Kierra.

“Midterms are nothing to play with,” added Joshua. “Finals either. You have to be on you Ps and Qs, but thankfully we have people to support us here and to help us achieve success.”