15 hours is Full-time at Coahoma Community College

Policy:  Coahoma Community College may place restrictions on student course loads.

  • The average number of hours in various programs of study at Coahoma Community College is 16 credit hours.

  • A student who is seeking a degree may register for 19 - more semester hours only with the approval of an Instructional Dean (i.e. Dean of Academic Affairs, Dear of Career Technical Education, Dean of Allied Health).

  • A student in a certificate or technical degree program requiring the student to enroll in 19 or more semester hours may do so with the approval of the Dean of Career/Technical Education.

  • A full-time student at Coahoma Community College must maintain a minimum course load of 15 semester hours or they will be charged per credit hour.

  • A student may enroll in distance education courses, traditional courses, or any combination of distance education courses and traditional courses in order to be classified as a full-time student. A minimum of fifteen (15) hours must be maintained for the entire semester in order to reside in Campus Housing.

  • Effective Fall 2016, all CCC students who reside in Campus Housing or receive any form of Institutional or Development Foundation scholarships must be enrolled in 15 credit hours per semester.

In the event that a student registers for less than 15 credit hours per semester, they will be charged per credit hour.