Dr. Gregory A. Hudson, Vice President for Student Affairs & Support Services

Dr. Gregory A. HudsonGreetings!  The path to greatness begins with a single step.  Thank you for making CCC that first step to excellence.  On behalf of the Division of Student Affairs “Team and Family”, I wholeheartedly and emphatically would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the campus of Coahoma Community College.  The overall scope of services that are offered in the Division of Student Affairs are predicated on analyzed (survey) data from the populous that we serve.  Students are our business; therefore their voices are always heard.  We stand on the premise that our services both foster and correlate with a strong environment of teaching and learning, yet assisting in the successful matriculation to graduation and maturation in life thereafter of a Coahoma “Tiger”.

As we are positioned for a fantastic year, it is of paramount importance that the Coahoma student is familiarized with governing policies and procedures of the institution.  Simplistically, it is our heartfelt belief that “knowing” makes all the difference.  Please understand that our office is a revolving door for our students, and we are eagerly anticipating your taking advantage of the invitation.

Again, we welcome you to our home and wish you success indeed in your collegiate endeavor.

Yours in Continued Student Services, I Will Remain,

Gregory A. Hudson, Ed.D.
Vice President of Student Affairs and Support Services