Welcome to the Physical Plant Department at Coahoma Community College HBCU. The administrative offices and shops are located at 3240 Friars Point Road in the northside quadrant of the campus just off Mackey Lake Drive/Tunica Lane.

The Coahoma primary campus is located on about 99 contiguous acres. The Physical Plant oversees all aspects of building maintenance and infrastructure on campus as well as provides support services to the main campus and off campus sites. The department’s staff comprises some 22 employees serving the campus community 24/7/365 within 5 separate divisions (with holiday exceptions/designated staff members are on call during this time).

  • Custodial Services
  • Facilities Operations
  • Facilities Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Shipping & Receiving

It is our desire to provide excellent customer service to you and hope that you will feel free to call or visit us at any time. The department’s mission is to develop, manage, maintain, repair and remodel the college’s infrastructure and facilities; to manage energy usage on campus; and to provide any services the college needs to support its mission.

The Physical Plant Department is a true service organization. The department exists to provide services and support to the college to carry out its academic and research missions through maintenance and repair of campus facilities and support of campus events.

We make every effort to provide this campus with services that are beneficial, cost-effective and courteous. Again, our primary mission is to help the college achieve its mission and provide excellent customer service.