Coahoma Community College has a keen awareness of what it does as well as how it goes about doing what it does.  Our website is designed with the specific and primary goal of providing viewers a median to review what and how we provide educational services to our constituents and students.  From course offerings to extracurricular activities, viewers will notice that our website intentionally features most of the comprehensive educational services that we provide.

Coahoma Community College has been in existence since 1949 and has evolved from a pseudo-college experiment with a mission of providing agricultural and basic educational services to an institution that offers an array of course offerings ranging from short-term courses to some of the most analytical programs on the planet.  We have advanced from an initial enrollment of just over twenty students in 1949 to an enrollment of over 2000 today.  For nearly seventy years, we have diversified our educational service delivery modes from brick and mortar classroom settings to include hybrid and virtual online offerings of classes and training.

We are confident that you will find our website enriching and informative as it pertains to most facets of our college.  May you use our website as a tool to identify and familiarize yourself with our educational services, faculty, students and alumni.   As we continue to focus on our mantra of “Developing Human and Natural Resources,” we hope that our website will provide you with a glimpse as to how we value innovative ideas, diversity, inclusivity, scholarships and an abiding determination to ignite learning on a myriad of levels.

Grow, Discover, Excel!

Valmadge T. Towner