Our work with the Achieving the Dream initiative at Coahoma Community College is organized into a leadership team, responsible for the leadership of the initiative at the college as well as a Student Success and Equity Council.

ATD Leadership Team

Dr. Valmadge Towner, Chair
Mr. Joseph McKee, Co-Chair
Mr. Jeremy Pittman, Co-Chair

The Student Success and Equity Council is charged with actively working to eliminate any achievement gaps among different student groups and to promote a campus culture of student success with a focus on teaching and learning from an equity lens. The Student Success and Equity Council consists of four sub councils, with both co-chairs serving as ex-officio members:

Culturally Responsive and Evidence Based Teaching Practices Sub-Council:

This sub council is charged with researching and implementing instructional best practices to encourage a culture of using evidence-based instructional practices to foster student student learning.

Mr. David Levi Jones
Dr. Stacy Jones
Mrs. Monica Moore Johnson
Ms. Roslaind Wilcox
Mrs. Catilin Britt
Dr. Rolonda Brown
Dr. Chequitia Dixon
Dr. Larry Webster
Dr. Ouida McAfee

Professional Learning for Continuous Improvement Sub-Council:

This sub-council encourages a culture of professional learning for continous improvement, realigning related expectations in hiring, evaluation, and promotion.

Mrs. Cynthia Roberson
Dr. Rolonda Brown
Dr. Willie Lockett
Ms. Kim Hollins
Dr. Chequitia Dixon
Mr. Joharrison Rockett
Dr. Barabara Boschert
Dr. Shelia Holmes-Carter
Dr. Ouida McAfee

Holistic Student Success Sub-Council:

Using collaborative partnerships, this sub-council links faculty and student affairs professionals in shared efforts to cultivate learning and support student success.

Mrs. Karen Done
Dr. Richard Cosby
Mr. Reggie Hankerson
Mrs. Tolernisa Butler
Mrs. Vivian Williams
Mrs. Loria Fortune-Barfield
Ms. Nakedra Blockett
Mrs. Aneika Moore
Ms. Shelia Sanders
Ms. Nicole Moore

Community, Student, and Faculty Relationships Sub-Council:

This sub-council encourages educators to join studens as active learners in an accessible, empowering, personalized, and supportive academic community.

Mrs. Rita Hanfor
Dr. Larry Webster
Mrs. Tolernisa Butler
Ms. Marsha Gatewood
Dr. Kelvin Towers
Mr. Marriel Hardy
Mrs. Selina Reid
Mrs. Tamara Washington-Travis
Mrs. Kristina Bolton
Mrs. Jen Waller