Division Mission

The purpose of the Division of Academic Affairs is to promote teaching, learning, and scholarship for students and faculty. Academic Affairs fosters an innovative and effective learning environment that respects the diversity of individual backgrounds, abilities, cultures, and interests.

While maintaining its historic focus on excellence in education, Coahoma today is a vibrant community of students and scholars and provides an outstanding range of degree programs through the Business and Computer Information Systems Department, English and Foreign Language Department, Fine Arts Department, Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department, and Social Sciences, Education and Psychology Department. These transfer programs parallel to Mississippi's public colleges and universities.

Through its Educational Outreach Office, the Division of Academic Affairs ensures access to educational opportunities to over fifty percent of the student population by offering evening, off-campus, and on-line classes.

Student support services are offered through the Library Learning Resource Center, the Office of Admissions & Records, Academic Support Services, the GED/Online Testing Services and the Division of Student Affairs and Support Services. Faculty support services are available through the Office of Institutional Advancement and Federal Programs and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.


To accomplish the institution's mission, Coahoma Community College's Division of Academic Affairs has adopted the following institutional goals:

  • Provide academic transfer concentrations that parallel with the first two years of college/university programs
  • Empower students with the necessary tools to maximize their potential by providing a network of support services and activities
  • Utilize emerging instructional technology by providing innovative learning opportunities for students
  • Address community and economic development needs within the service area by developing and sustaining partnerships with public and private agencies
  • Ensure institutional effectiveness by planning, assessing, and evaluating all activities and programs