The Office of the Career & Technical Counselor provides a variety of services to Career & Technical students, potential students, faculty, staff, and graduates of the institution.

The Counselor is available to provide students with strategies and opportunities in their choice of career or technical program.  The services provided are designed to help students discover themselves, develop life-long learning skills and to achieve program success. 

Change is good, let the Counselor help you!
Change and self-development are all a part of college life. The Career & Technical Counselor offers free confidential services to help students overcome problems, past and present and gain self-understanding and direction. These services include individual counseling, educational programs, consultations, and referral.  

As an individual, you may have concerns with a wide variety of life situations. The Career Technical Counselor is available to assist you. We can provide the tools you need to successfully complete your career or technical program. Counseling is completely confidential and voluntary.

Contact a Counselor:
M. Gatewood
Phone: 662.621.4849
Counselor: P. Day
Phone: (662) 621-4217