Faculty Equipment Checkout Policy

  • Loaned equipment are to be used for school business or while traveling for school business only. All loaned equipment is only to be used by currently employed faculty. 
  • The checkout period will not exceed one semester. Failing to return the item on the last day of the semester will result in a charge for the replacement of the loaned equipment and any accessories loaned.
  • You are responsible for the loaned equipment and all its accessories if lost, stolen, or damaged. 
  • You are required to know and follow the library’s policies and Coahoma’s policies regarding computer/Internet use while using the loaned equipment, including the Coahoma Community College Code of Conduct, the Acceptable Use Policy for Computing, and copyright laws. 
  • To check equipment, you must be currently enrolled, and provide your student ID number, and picture of your current CCC ID.

*We will contact you if you are approved and provide you with a day and time for pickup.  No equipment will be mailed.*