Coahoma Community College will welcome the class of 2024 to campus for Jumpstart 2022: Summer Residential Orientation on June 24, at 8:00 a.m. in the Safe House (Dome).

Orientation will propel incoming students into an even greater academic, social, and professional experience while at the Triple C.

The orientation process includes sessions to provide students with information, resources, and opportunities that support both their academic and social transitions to college.

“Today’s students benefit from robust support—relationally, academically, and socially—as they navigate the transition to college,” said Karen Woods-Done, Director for Student Engagement. “Our new student orientation experience will set a vision for how all new students can thrive in the development of peer and mentor relationships, creating a safe and supportive community to begin their time at Coahoma Community College.”

Jumpstart is a multi-departmental experience that will encompass the College’s existing orientation program by enhancing its collaborative, community-based nature, providing all new & transfer students with a dedicated space to transition into their academic careers.

“When we start connecting the entire incoming class, we’re saying, ‘This is a new community that you have,’” said Woods-Done. “With New Student Orientation, students will experience first-hand all that Coahoma has to offer and learn how to make the most of their time as a Tiger!”

The institution advises incoming students to check their email regularly for new information pertaining to Orientation, Move-In, and the Fall 2022 semester.

To learn more, visit www.coahomacc.edu/orientation.