Mr. and Miss CCC 2023-24

Miss Coahoma Community College 2023-24
Greenville, Mississippi
Marine Biology Major 

Mister Coahoma Community College 2023-24
Kosciusko, Mississippi
Exercise Science/Sports Medicine Major


Coahoma Community College’s Royal Court has been instituted for over 50 years and has remained true to its commitment to leading through service fostering a spirit of leadership, excellence, truth, and service amongst administration, faculty, and students. The members of the Royal Court serve as the ambassadors for all departments, divisions, and Coahoma Community College at large, both internally and externally, demonstrating the ideal image of distinction while upholding the institution's core values.

Mr. & Miss Coahoma Community College and the Royal Court are given the charge to present Coahoma Community College to other collegiate institutions, on digital and social media platforms and publications, as well as to alumni and prospective students.

Members of the royal court include: 

Mister & Miss Coahoma Community College

Each year, qualifying freshman students can apply and compete for the opportunity to serve as  Mister and Miss Coahoma Community College during the Spring semester. 

The students serving the positions of Mister and Miss Coahoma Community College maintain the standard of excellence, pride, integrity and exceptionalism at all times.  Both Mister and Miss Coahoma exemplify excellence through superb academic standing, campus involvement, community service, and leadership. 

Misters and Misses Coahoma Community Colleges have access to privileges of leadership development training, attending national conferences, a plethora of networking opportunities, meeting with state elected officials, hosting campus events, and many more.

Requirements and Applications

The ladies and gentlemen that serve as the Royal Court body of student leadership represent the best of character, school pride, academic excellence, campus ambassadorship and the embodiment of Coahoma’s legacy. 

If you are a student interested in running for a Royal Court position, please view the Royal Court’s Handbook for information about requirements, responsibilities, and policies for each.


Thank you for your interest in serving on Coahoma Community College’s Royal Court. Please note that applications will be open for submissions during the time determined by the Royal Court Committee. Applicants must be signed into their student email in order to access the application. 

Mister and Miss Coahoma Community College

Misters and Misses Freshman/Sophomore

Homecoming King and Queen

For all royal court inquiries, please send an email to