STEM Summer Camp

CCC/CTE is hosting a STEM Summer Camp.  Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math are incorporated into CTE Pathways curriculums. We will provide a hands-on experience for students in CTE Pathways.    There will be live demonstrations and diagnostic laboratories facilitated. This will introduce students to some of the duties and responsibilities of craftsmen in each particular pathway.  Additionally we will have activities that provide students with an experience into the virtual world.  We have planned activities that showcase our virtual reality (VR) training in CTE at CCC.  Students will visit the VR lab and conduct demonstrations and diagnostics laboratories in a virtual setting.  

We are focused on providing students an educational learning experience that gives them insight into our different CTE pathways.  We would like for them to get a feel for the training and the duties and responsibilities of that particular pathway.  It is our aim that they leave the STEM Camp focused on a career pathway and have an idea of what future career they would enjoy and proper in.  In summary we want to open their eyes and show them some possibilities for the future and how CTE can help them achieve their goals. 

Click here to download the application.