Summer Enrichment Program

Educational Talent-Search

Talent Search is a TRIO Program funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The program is designed to connect participants with services and activities that provide support for completion of high school and enrollment in a postsecondary institution.


Educational Talent Search


Educational Talent Search (ETS) is a federally-funded pre-college program created in 1965 as part of the Higher Education Act and has been a part of Coahoma Community College since 2001. The program assists students who meet federal income guidelines and those who may be the first in their families to go to college. Its design and purpose are to provide the skills and motivation necessary for students in grades 8-12 to complete a program of secondary education and to enter and succeed in a program of post-secondary education of their choice. Participants receive a variety of free services and participate in scholastic, cultural, and enrichment activities.  The services of ETS are offered through the guidance offices at Coahoma Agriculture High, Clarksdale High, Coahoma County Jr./Senior High, J.W. Stampley,  and W. A. Higgins Middle School.

Program Services

Academic Services

  • Academic Advising
  • ACT Test Preparation
  • Mississippi Subject Area Testing Program
  • Test Preparation
  • Study Skills Workshops
  • Personal Development
  • Mentoring
  • Summer Enrichment Program
  • Tutoring

Career Information Services

  • Career Counseling, Fairs, and Exploration
  • College Admissions Assistance
  • College Fairs and Tours
  • Financial Aid Counseling and Application Assistance
  • Scholarship Information


The mission of ETS/CCC is to continue to generate in low-income, potential first-generation college students, the skills and motivation necessary to complete secondary education and to enter and succeed in a program of postsecondary education of their choice.

ETS Coordinator

ETS Coordinator meet with students throughout the school year and provide counseling, academic, and career workshop sessions that serve to empower students in developing educational and career goals. Students are rewarded with increased confidence, motivation and a brighter outlook toward the future.

ETS & Parents 

ETS believes that parents and guardians play an important role in their child's educational and career development. The program strongly encourages parental and guardian support. Educational Talent Search newsletters keep families and students informed of educational and career topics, success stories, and upcoming events and activities.