Greetings from the Director of Student Engagement

Karen DoneWhen I speak with parents of first year Coahoma Community College students, and ask them what they believe a college education means, they inevitably tell me that it is a combination of academic challenge and personal growth. They go on to say that the out-of-the-classroom experiences are critically important in the development of a young adult, and they express to me their hopes that the Coahoma Community College family will provide an expansive extra- and co-curriculum for their sons and daughters.

The staff, who populates the Division of Student Engagement which includes Tutorial Services, Career Services, the Counseling Center, Health Services, Campus Safety, New Student Orientation, Housing, Intramural Sports and Student Activities, work closely with the Coahoma faculty to provide our students with a learning environment rich with opportunity. At Coahoma, we focus on the growth and development of all facets of the individual; in addition to academic challenges, we believe that meeting new people, joining clubs and organizations, competing on an intercollegiate team, working on a community service project, and discovering new interests are important components of one’s collegiate education.

As a member of the Coahoma Community College family, our students can expect that:

  • Their presence is valued.
  • They will be encouraged to become full participants in the life of the Coahoma campus, and their active involvement will serve to increase their connections to the college community and enhance their fun.
  • Their lives will be enriched by the relationships that they form with their faculty members, their academic advisors, members of the staff, and their peers – OUR STUDENTS COUNT AT CCC!

Similarly, by virtue of being the parent of a Coahoma Tiger you will become a member of the extended Tiger community and you will be important to us. You will be invited to attend our summer New Student Orientation, which includes a Parents’ Orientation program, and you will be encouraged to join us for football, basketball, baseball, track, softball, band and choir concerts as well as in October for the wonderful Homecoming Activities and again in Spring for our activities then. In short, you are always welcome!

I invite you to explore the links to the left of this page, where you will find the means of learning more about the various services and programs coordinated by those of us in the Student Engagement Division. I look forward to meeting you in the near future, and to welcoming you to our CCC Tiger Family.


Karen Done,
Director of Student Engagement