The Division of Student Engagement is a state and federally supported entity of the institution providing financial affordability, safe environment, housing accessibility, health and nutrition awareness and services, job readiness, physical fitness, life preparedness, social aptitude, and personal growth skills for all students enrolled. The Division of Student Engagement seeks to serve as a support base for all institutional areas providing academic, career and technical, institutional effectiveness, and workforce development enhancement programs to increase the optimal development of a student’s matriculation to graduation.


  1. To provide a multiple of non-teaching services that aid the student in developing socially, academically, and professionally as he/she participates in the programs the college provides.
  2. To develop good citizens by providing a democratic setting and an atmosphere of learning in which students may develop individually and collectively through co-curricular activities.
  3. To implement a regularly scheduled series of lyceum and cultural events that involves resident, commuting and “non-traditional” students.
  4. To assist students in setting attainable goals and making beginning steps toward these goals in the transfer program and becoming “job ready” through the terminal program.
  5. To provide development programs, and to screen students and counsel them in areas of greatest benefit to each student predicted on his/her needs and desire of assistance.