Take the Pledge!

We invite every member of the campus community to take this voluntary pledge to follow safety guidelines that reduce the spread of COVID-19. Our symbolic, collective commitment to learn, listen and participate in these efforts will help our community stay healthy, safe, and prosperous. These actions aren't about self. They are about all of us.


I voluntarily take this pledge to protect the health of the college and surrounding communities.

Why is the "ACT Now!" Pledge important?

The "ACT Now!" pledge acknowledges that we're all responsible for taking care of ourselves and each other. It was initiated and written by the Coahoma Community College campus community.

How can I let others know I took the pledge?

Choose one of these images to post to your social media and use the hashtag #ACTNow to let others know that you pledged – and why this pledge is important to YOU.

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#ACTNow Instagram and Facebook story download

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#ACTNow Twitter and Facebook download

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How can I protect myself and others?

The college has provided COVID-19 Campus Guidelines to support the campus community in protecting the overall health of CCC students, faculty, staff, and visitors. It's essential that everyone do their part by following these safety guidelines to protect the health and wellness of the campus community. Your decisions impact everyone around you!

Virus Protection Recommendations

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