The Dickerson-Johnson Library houses over 60 student computer workstations.  Computer labs are available in the Dickerson-Johnson Library on the second and third floors.  Computers can be used for word processing, accessing the library’s catalog, and Internet access. Students must present proper identification in order to use the computers.

Four typing rooms are located on the third floor where additional electronic services are available for student use.

One reader/printer is available for printing articles from microfilm and microfiche on the Reference Floor. The reader/printer charges are ten cents ($.10) per page. There are five microfilm readers available.

There is also a network printer (black ink only) available for Library users to print full-text journal articles, assignments, and other academic related text.   Students are not allowed to print PowerPoint presentations, but one student handout on a PowerPoint is permitted.

Currently there are no charges for using the printers connected to the computers. Students are asked to print only what they need.

A coin-op copier is available for copying articles from books and magazines. The copier accepts nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar coins. Copies are ten cents ($.10) per page.