Please follow the steps below the login to the myCCC Portal, Gmail, and Canvas.

If you have any questions, please call the CCC OIT Help Desk at 662-621-4060 (or toll free at 855-664-1164), by email at, or by chat.

Step 1: Go to to Login

Instead of using (myCCC Portal), (Canvas), or (Gmail), please use to login to all three systems.  This will be the easiest thing for everyone to remember and do.  While those other three links will still work to get into that specific system, there is no need to memorize three different links when you can just memorize one to get into all three systems.

When you go to, you will get a screen that looks like this:

SSO Login

Step 2: Enter Your New Username and Password

For Students

Please be advised that this new SSO solution will require all CCC students to use a brand new username and password, separate from the myCCC portal, Gmail, and Canvas usernames and passwords you’ve used in the past.  However, we are using values for your SSO username and your initial SSO password that you’ve used in the past for those systems.

So, in the Username field, please enter the first initial of your first name plus your last name plus the two digits of your birth month plus the two digits of your birth day  .  So, if your name was “Firstname Lastname”, and your birthday was on August 1st, your SSO username would be ‘flastname0801’.  You do not need to capitalize any of the letters in your SSO username.

When you login to the new SSO system for the very first time, please use your birthday in YYYY-MM-DD format (and yes, you will need to include the dashes).  Please be advised that the SSO system will require you to change that password to something else you would prefer.  You will need to use that changed password after the first time you login.

For Faculty & Staff

The situation is different for Faculty & Staff, because Faculty & Staff already have what is called an “Active Directory” account.  So, all Faculty & Staff will use the same username and password that they use currently to login to their computers first thing in the morning to get on the network when they come into their campus offices.

However, like students, this SSO username and password should be different from the usernames and passwords you have used in the past to get into Gmail, the myCCC portal, and Canvas.  Just always remember that from now on, you’ll use the same username and password to get onto SSO that you use to login to the network when you first get into your campus office each day.

For Students, Faculty, and Staff

Also please be advised that the SSO system will also ask you to complete several “security questions” to which only you know the answer.  This will enable the system to provide the automated password reset feature that you can use to do password resets on your own without having to contact CCC OIT in the future.

Step 3: Login to Your System/Application of Choice

Once you have either (A) gone through the first time password change/security question process or (B) logged in using your changed password after your first login, you should see a screen that looks like this. 

(Please note that the screen shot below does not include the Gmail logo.  That is because this screen shot was done using the test environment.  When the new SSO system goes live, you’ll see the Gmail logo to the right of the myCCC logo.)

SSO Inside

Step 4: Click on Desired Application/System

All you need to do at this point is click on the logo of the application/system you want to use, and you will be taken into that application/system.  That application/system should open in a new tab with you already logged into that application/system.

If you decide you want to go into another application/system, all you have to do is come back to this tab in your browser, and click on that application’s/system’s logo.  That will open up yet another tab with you already logged into that application/system as well.

You could do this for all three applications/systems (myCCC Portal/Gmail/Canvas), if you’d like.

Password Reset

If you can’t remember your password, click on the Forgot Password link right below the LOGIN button on the Sign In screen.

SSO Login

You will then see a screen like the one below to enter in your Student ID number, which is also your Username for SSO purposes.

SSO Password Reset

The SSO system will generate an automated email with a link on it to reset your password.  You will then be able to use that new password to login.

If you, for whatever reason, you forget that your Username in SSO is your Student ID, you can also click on the Forgot Username link on the screen above.  The SSO system will send you an email with your Student ID number that is also your Username for SSO purposes.

Other Notes/Considerations

Please know that if you login into SSO, and just leave it there for a while, you’ll be automatically logged out & you’ll have to log back in.

Additionally, despite the fact that the SSO system will log you out automatically if you don’t use it for a while, it’s still good IT security practice to logout of SSO when you’re done using Canvas/myCCC Portal/Gmail by clicking the dropdown in the upper right hand corner, and clicking on Logout.

SSO Logout