It is the mission of the Career & Technical Division to prepare students to enter the workforce or continue their education upon completion of degree or certificate requirements from Coahoma Community College.


  • Provide effective programs and services.
  • Employ qualified faculty and staff to accomplish the mission and goals of the college.
  • Provide innovative learning opportunities utilizing emerging instructional technology.
  • Support professional growth and development.

Career & Technical Division supports our mission and goals by committing to the following:

  • providing career and technical education that prepares the student to enter the job market successfully.
  • empowering students with the necessary tools to maximize their potential by providing a network of support services and activities
  • utilizing emerging instructional technology by providing innovative learning opportunities for students
  • addressing community and economic development needs within the service area by developing and sustaining partnerships with public and private agencies
  • ensuring institutional effectiveness by planning, assessing, and evaluating all activities and programs
    supporting cultural enrichment programs and activities