EMT Programs

Students must complete the application process for all Health Science Short-Term Certificate programs PRIOR to being admitted to any of the programs below. Students must apply and meet additional requirements in order to be eligible for admission.


Certificate Advisors: R. Nelson, C.Kelly

Emergency Medical Technician is a one semester instructional program that prepares individuals to function in the pre-hospital environment. The EMT program provides instruction in basic life support care of sick and injured persons. This includes airway assessment, communications, documentation, general pharmacology, hemorrhage control, ambulance operations, and splinting of adult, pediatric, and infant patients; and special care of patients exposed to heat, cold, radiation, or contagious disease. Emergency Medical Technicians are certified by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians and Mississippi State Department of Health Emergency Medical Services. Students who complete the program are eligible to take the National Registry exam.  This class meet one day a week on Saturdays. (8 hours)