The Educational Outreach Department is the means by which the college enriches, expands, and extends its primary mission of teaching and service.  The overall purpose of the department is to extend the educational resources of the college to individuals, special interest groups, and target audiences not reached by traditional ongoing programs.  To accomplish this, the Department of Educational Outreach has adopted the following goals.



  1. To offer traditional, degree oriented classes electronically and convenient locations, places and or times
  2. To award continuing education units (CEUs) for short term non-credit courses
  3. To help individuals recognize the importance of education as a means of fulfilling personal needs and attaining goals throughout a lifetime of learning
  4. To provide appropriate educational resources and guidance and to assist as many individuals  as possible in registering for learning experiences
  5. To coordinate the various resources and services of the college to stimulate learning in socially deprived areas of the community
  6. To promote continuing education, community development and community involvement at every level of living through the college’s service area
  7. To plan, evaluate, and assess the educational services