Words and Music by J. Orville Moseley
April 23, 1954

Coahoma, Coahoma, we kneel before thine alter,
In Reverence, in homage, in consecration strong;
Upon the earth where'er we tread
We never will thy name degrade.
We challenge wrong with never any dread.
We shall not be afraid.
Coahoma, Coahoma, our aim is not to falter,
But to be brave in the good life to which we all belong.

Coahoma, Coahoma, as though the sun were rising.
Thy percepts, thy guidance, will ever be our star;
As in the world we take our place
Our memories of the remain,
We'll do our best to win the bitter race
And honor to retain.
Coahoma, Coahoma, thy sons are now arising
To the great call men of courage
We shed thy light afar

Coahoma, Coahoma, Our noble Alma Mater
We luad thee, we hail thee, with never ending praise;
The fortune of our future lives
We'll cast a ray of light on thee.
The shades of night will swiftly disappear
With thoughts of thee so near.
Coahoma, Coahoma, our beacon of tomorrow
We will always shout thy glory
Our Alma Mater, dear.