CCC eLearning Course Drop/Withdrawal Process

Drop/Add Period
Students can drop and/or add CCC eLearning courses only within the allowed timeframe:
15-week and 8-week terms -- First 2 days of the term; 4-week term –First day of the term.

How to drop/withdraw from an eLearning online course:
Students enrolled in eLearning online courses at CCC can either drop or withdraw from the course(s).

  1. Dropping an online course: Students can officially drop an online course prior to the course start date and/or within the official drop timeframe (first 2 days of the term or 1st day if taking a 4-week course). Students who drop courses during this time may cause a reduction in course load, which may require adjustment to their financial aid awards (pell grant, scholarship, etc.), tuition, and associated fees. Students should contact the Financial Aid Office and/or Business Office for such adjustments.

  2. Withdrawing from an online course: Students can officially withdraw from an eLearning online course after the mid-term grades have been processed and posted. Students desiring to withdraw from the course(s), will receive a “W” for the course to indicate the withdrawal. Once a student is withdrawn from the course, only the instructor (with approval from the Academic Dean) can request the student’s reinstatement into that course.

  3. Instructor Request for Withdrawal: Instructors can request that a student be withdrawn from the course due to lack of course participation (submission of assignments) and/or potential for successful course completion. Students who fail to submit three weeks (3) of course assignments are eligible for an instructor withdrawal. Students who are withdrawn via the instructor’s request will receive a “W” for the course.

Drop/Withdrawal Process (Student):

  1. Log into eLearning Course (Canvas)
  2. Send an email to the instructor (within the course) requesting to drop the course.
  3. Instructor should complete and submit the eLearning Instructor Drop form (same day) for each student drop/withdrawal request.
  4. The eLearning coordinator will administratively process all request within 24 hours of receipt of the request.

Students enrolled in online classes are reimbursed for dropping a course or withdrawing from a course the same as traditional students.