Mission & Goals

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Health Science Division at Coahoma Community College to provide accessible, affordable, diverse, quality, and equitable educational programs and support services. The division Supports and fosters holistic growth in a student-centered learning environment to prepare highly trained, dedicated, and motivated healthcare professionals for the rural health community served by Coahoma Community College.  

  1. To prepare the graduate with the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to enter the healthcare workforce as a healthcare professional in the job market or transfer to a college or university. 
  2. Meet the needs of area businesses and industries by providing workforce training programs. 
  3. Empower students with a network of support services and activities to maximize their potential while enrolled in the Health Science Programs (i.e. student navigator services, faculty-student council, faculty advisement, and remediation). 
  4. Utilize simulation, learning management systems, adaptive learning systems, and other technological tools to provide innovative learning opportunities for the students. 
  5. Contract with various clinical healthcare facilities that allow students to practice care to clients from diverse multicultural backgrounds. 6. Initiate new programs or complement existing programs by securing and sustaining federal, state, and local funding. 
  6. Support cultural enrichment programs and activities. 
  7. Ensure institutional effectiveness by planning, assessing, and evaluating all activities and programs. 
  8. To prepare the graduate with the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to successfully complete the credentialing process for the specific specialty area of study. 
  9. To provide to the community healthcare agencies and facilities quality healthcare professionals 
  10. Promote and support a culture of health and wellness in the Health Sciences Division that extends to the surrounding communities and schools.