To ensure that Coahoma Community College is strictly adhering to FERPA Laws, disciplinary hearings are private and confidential involving the student and the council. Hearings are closed to the campus community, media, and the general populous.

The Director/Assistant Director of Student Engagement's assignment of cases to the appropriate judicial council determines the hearing officer.

The format begins with the presentation of charge (s) and proceeds with:

  1. Call for the accused to respond to the charge(s), present witnesses and/or evidence
  2. Supporting testimony and information on the charge (s),
  3. Presentation of the accuser's testimony, witnesses, and/or evidence
  4. Examination and questioning of accused, accuser, and possibly the witness/advisor by the members of the council
  5. Deliberation by the council
  6. Decision by the council to include:
  7. Recall of precedent of prior sanctions made on like infraction (s)
  8. Finding on a question of guilt or innocence
  9. Sanctions, if any rendered to the presiding officer
  10. Presiding officer renders the decision verbally to the accused, then the accuser (both parties are bound to strict confidentiality rules; if not, student (s) will be subjected to disciplinary proceedings)
  11. Transcript will be transcribed and submitted to all parties involved
  12. Transcript will be filed in the Office of Student Engagement.
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