The following rules of procedures for adjudicating alleged violations of the Coahoma Community College Student Code of Conduct are established for use by the Student Engagement Disciplinary and Appeals Committees. The administration of sanctions at the college is an educational process that is not designed to be punitive, and will experientially demonstrate its intent to be of a fair, appropriate, truthful, and due processed procedure. Disciplinary procedures may be initiated by the college (Director/Assistant  Director of Student Engagement) or by the designee of the Director of Student Engagement. The complaint or an official incident report must be investigated prior to judicial proceedings being invoked. If a student is suspended for a semester or academic year, or expelled from the institution (permanent separation) the registrar, financial aid director, and chief financial officer will be notified by the Director of Student Engagement to administratively withdraw the student from Coahoma Community College. However, a permanent file will be maintained by the office of the Director of Student Engagement and the Office of the Registrar.

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