To maintain an atmosphere on the Coahoma Community College on-campus and host sites that is conducive to academic pursuits and fosters the growth and development of all members of the college community, a series of procedures and regulations governing student conduct and behavior has been established. Included in the procedures and regulations, which collectively are known as the Student Code of Conduct, are statements concerning expectations regarding student conduct, guarantees of student rights and responsibilities, and procedures for adjudicating allegations concerning student misconduct. The penalties for violation of these regulations are also contained in the Student Code of Conduct.

All students at Coahoma Community College are expected to read and become familiar with all sections of the Student Code of Conduct. Each student is individually responsible for adhering to the regulations contained in the Code. A student who is found to have violated these regulations will be subject to disciplinary action, ranging from a disciplinary warning to suspension/ expulsion. The severity of the sanction is dependent upon the severity of the offense as determined by the judicial officer, Director of Student Engagement designee, or the appropriate judicial council.

Discipline will be levied in all instances except those in which a qualified, licensed, mental health professional has communicated to the college in writing that the actions were caused by severe psychological problems sufficient to warrant the immediate withdrawal of the individual from the college. In each instance, the individual may not re-enroll at Coahoma Community College for at least two full academic semesters and then only upon the written recommendation of the mental health professional.

NOTE: Refer to the Student Handbook for a detailed explanation of the Code of Conduct.

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