The following due process procedures are afforded to all ID card carrying students at Coahoma Community College who are involved in cases which may result in disciplinary sanctions:

  1. The student(s) shall be notified in writing that he/she has been perceivably involved in an incident that is in violation of the Coahoma Community College code of conduct. The notification will be submitted to the student (s) within three (3) working days and will provide the date, time, and place of the judicial hearing.

  2. The individual will be permitted to face and question his/her accuser (s) and witnesses testifying against him/her at the hearing. At the discretion of the hearing officer, both the accused and the accuser have the right to provide evidence and witnesses to prove otherwise or to speak on their behalf.

  3. After due consideration of the appropriate judicial council, the council shall render to the presiding officer a verbal and/or written decision.

  4. The student, if opposed to the sanction (s) rendered by a council, has the right to reject the sanction and invoke appeal proceedings.

  5. The student has to provide in writing within three (3) working days of the hearing, to the Director of  Student Engagement, the basis of the appeal, new evidence, and/or new witnesses. An appeal will not be granted, unless the aforementioned are not evident. If an advisor and/or attorney is being brought to the hearing on behalf of the student, the student must notify in writing the Director of Student Engagement two days-48 hours prior to the hearing. The advisor and/or attorney will only speak at the discretion of the hearing officer, which is not likely to occur

  6. The Director or Assistant Director of Student Engagement will decide if an appeal is warranted, and if so, notify the student and the appropriate council to schedule a date, time and location within three (3) working days of the hearing, and send the case to the appropriate council for an appeal hearing.

  7. If an appeal hearing is granted, and the appellate council makes the recommendation to the The Director or Assistant Director of Student Engagement, the student has the right to take his/her case to the President of the college. The President will then advise the The Director or Assistant Director of Student Engagement of a recommendation to be carried out regarding the case or correspond with the student (s) directly.

  8. In cases where the student (s) has been adjudicated/pending cases in the courts of counties, state, or federal entities, and also involved in a breach of Coahoma Community College's code of conduct, the student's (s) case outside of the college will determine the fate of the student's (s) matriculation at Coahoma Community College, to determine if the student (s) involved pose a threat to the campus community. The college will continue its case involving the student (s) after the external case against him/her is settled, and said student (s) might be suspended until that time.

Note: In cases in which the Director or Assistant Director of Student Engagement constitutes an emergency, Due Process proceedings will be foregone temporarily, and the student (s) will be removed from all premises of Coahoma Community College until order is restored. Infractions of the college's rules, regulations, and sanctions consisting of fines, reprimands, probation, and work assignments will not become a part of a student's permanent record.

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